Your Mark...

Day 6

Many people think about their mark or stated differently, how they want to be remembered. Usually the thought is most prevailing when a person is ill or close to death. From childhood I have thought about how I would like to be remembered after I die. These thoughts did not derive from a dark place nor was I worried about dying. The thoughts about leaving my mark came from experiencing the death of people close to me.

Many ideas for how I would like to be remembered has crossed my mind. I wanted to be known as a famous singer, but my singing abilities wouldn't allow for that. I considered award winning actress, but I never pursued an acting career. Becoming a famous inventor was also a consideration and I still have time to pull that one off. (winks)

If asked today, what mark am I leaving? My answer would be "Service to Others." Okay you just read a list of my top 3 ideal marks, did you see Service on that list? No! This leads to a very important consideration, many times what we plan or think will be the mark we leave behind; just might not be what we are remembered for.

Looking back over my life thus far, I have always held a position in customer service. Even as a Register Nurse, my position was service oriented. Currently, I am serving in the capacity of women ministries which includes, various platforms of community volunteering and services. All things considered my choice of service was influenced by my grandmothers and mom.

Growing up I watched both of my grandmothers and mom serve their families and communities. For them service came naturally and they all served with a great deal of pride and love. Thinking more about it, I was actually the little helper for all of them. So without even knowing it I was being trained for service early on.

Most people want to leave their mark on the world to be remembered by all, I use to be on of those people. However, serving others has allowed me to see the importance of leaving my mark on the hearts of people. That's exactly what my grandmothers did and now years after their deaths they both continue to live on in the hearts of all they served. Also, their stories of service are being passed on from generation to generation. If you ask me that's a great way to leave your mark!

~One Love Diane




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