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Updated: Feb 17

"I'm sorry, can't hear you right now; too busy watching your actions" ~D.L. Woody

Growing up I witnessed my grandparents make huge transactions, with just a handshake. I remember asking my grandfather, why he gave the keys to a car he was selling, without getting any cash. He simply stated, we shook on it and they will pay. WOW.... Let that marinate for a second! Now let me ask you this; would you do that today?

I was taught that your word is your bond; once you break your word, credibility is fracture. The value of one's word, closed many deals in history and a handshake sealed those deal. However in our current society the word value has decreased, to only pennies on a dollar. Now we have exclusive contracts, pre-nuptials agreements, and collateral; sadly with all these things in place, people still don't honor their word.

Loopholes, is one of the biggest culprits, for breaking the bond of your word; take insurance companies for example. We faithfully pay our premiums and when a claim is made; the insurance companies look for ways NOT to pay, or pay less then stated. This practice has recycled into many other businesses, and unfortunately somehow made it into our personal interactions; in the form of excuses.

Trust I know that life happens, and at times things must shift in unexpected ways. However, excuses are created, mostly to find a way not to honor our word. The difference is our heart motives; which by the way are pretty transparent. Believe me when I say, just because a person doesn't call you on your excuse; doesn't mean they are unaware of the motive behind the excuse.

There is a very simple solution to making your word bond again; KEEP YOUR WORD!

I have learned over the years, to be intentional with saying YES, because come hook or crook I will honor that YES. Again life happens, so if something is out of my control, I will attempt to make it up; when that is possible. Here's the deal, when you are consistently honorable with your word, most people will give you grace, in those times when life happens. I say MOST people because there are those who will expect you to show up, REGARDLESS of what's going on in your life. Hmmmmm, I advise you check your connection, because that simply is not a healthy relationship.

Have I ever dropped the ball, heck yeah; guess what? I will probably drop it again; maybe not the same ball. Hey, I know that this life is a journey and we grow from our experiences. When the ball is dropped; make every effort to correct, or walk away with a learned lesson. We all fall short and we all fall down; the key is knowing how to get back up.

The next time you give your word, remember somebody is counting on you to show up. Therefore before you say YES to something; check your heart motives. Because remember this;


~One Love Diane



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