Why Assume?

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

Day 8

Making assumptions frequently results in the wrong conclusions. When we first started our current journey over 3 years ago, there were assumptions made on our part. The top three were; all the people in our inner circle would be present and supportive, we would be in Paris, France by spring of 2016, and finally our journey reality would align as planned and written on paper.

Pardon me for a moment; while I roll on the floor to laugh.

The first thing to note is this, when you are called out to walk on water, most of the people around you will not be joining that journey. Sadly, many will not even acknowledge your existence in fear that in doing so, they will also be called on a similar journey. Personally, this was a hard pill to swallow because we are very social and love to interact with people. Simply put it was also a painful reality to accept that people we would "ride or die" for, were not willing to doing the same for us.

In a very candid and heart felt discussion with one of my friends about how I was feeling, I got the following response. "Sissy, my capacity to give is not the same as yours and I am giving you the best I have to give." Whoa, talk about a slap of reality and fresh point of clarity; that's what those words did for me. Also, I was able to realize that God was purging and shifting things around for us in preparation of the journey ahead. We were extremely blessed to do life with a lot of amazing people in California. However, once our transition began, some relationships just naturally ended, as is the case in life and change. Why assume that your inner circle of friends will remain the same when you start a new journey?

Continuing with the assumptions, we would be in Paris by Spring of 2016. Doesn't Paris in the spring time have a nice ring to it? Although, it rains a lot in the spring, at that time we didn't mind because California was having a drought.. In order to make our spring time arrival, passports were expedited, personal belongings were shipped to family, back packs were purchased. Ready, set, let's go... Nope, instead we encountered a "Hard Stop!" Somewhere in the excitement and planning stages our timing alignment shifted away from God's. Read more here "Waiting" We are now in a place of acceptance that Paris, France will happen when it's suppose to. Why assume your timing is aligned with God's?

Have you ever heard the saying; If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans? Well, we are sure God was laughing at us and the written plans for how we saw our journey unfolding. Reflecting now on our plans versus God plans, is truly humbling. There were so many God stops and assignments that were simply not included in our original plans.

Just to be clear, we were praying and there was peace that God was hearing us. However, I thinks it's fair to state, at the start we were only selectively hearing God. Thankfully, it wasn't too long into the journey when we totally surrendered to God. Oh, and after we did, those written plans were immediately discarded. We still write our plans out however now we do so, standing firmly on Proverbs 3:5-6 Why assume that your plans can be written in ink before getting God's stamp of approval?

Truly we strive not to make assumptions; especially when we can simply ask God for clarification.

I will leave you with this simple quote to remember about assuming:

When you "ASSUME" you make an ASSume out of assUme and assuME !!!

Morning Stillness @ Ocean

OneLove ~ Diane



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