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Updated: Aug 5, 2018

In a world filled with instant gratifications, fast pace, and multitasking, it's often a challenge to pause and ponder the next move. In our current society many people are going through life on auto pilot and hoping to be AWAKE enough to prevent a collision should life shift off course.

Prior to starting our current journey two years ago, Charles and I were also caught up in the busyness of life. We would actually have to schedule time for important conversations, date nights, and even quiet time. I think it would be safe to say, we were on auto pilot quite a bit. Here's a quick auto pilot check, if you find yourself driving home from work and pulling up to your house without even remembering the commute, that's auto pilot.

Charles and I are now able to pause in times of busyness and collectively prioritize what's important to us at that moment. Being able to just pause and re-direct was not initially an easy task for us. The start of our journey in 2016, offered several detours which made learning to pause and re-direct an essential part of our journey.

Our journey started at the Pacific Ocean according to plan however we took an unplanned detour to the desert of Lancaster, California. Until, we accepted the desert was a part of the journey, it was like being stuck in quick sand.

Once we made peace with being in the desert, the beauty all around us, came into view. We begin to notice restaurants, live entertainment spots and even a nearby park with a lake. As we opened up to the desert culture we also starting meeting some amazing people.

Our time in Lancaster was necessary, for what came next on the journey. Living with our son and his family for five months, prepared us for our upcoming AirBnb experiences. We also got a chance to be with our grand-kids and create fun, loving, memories. Thankfully with technology we are able to stay connected with our grand kids and family from every place our journey is taking us.

Prior to diving into 2018, we must take a moment to rest, reflect, and plan our route. Our rest time allow us to be still and know that we are not on auto pilot. Our reflection time allow us to gauge our journey progress from start to current and know that we are indeed moving forward. Our route plan time allow us to explore the future direction and know that our plans are subject to God's


On behalf of Charles and Diane we wish all who read this post a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!

May you enter 2018 prepared for your, what now?

~OneLove (Diane)

"Allow the past to be your lesson, the present to be your gift and the future to be your motivation to answer the question "What Now?" ~D.L. Woody

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