Updated: Sep 27, 2018

When my daughter and son were kids, we took a lot of long road trips. The closest we ever lived to my mom and family, back home in Detroit, was Atlanta, a 12 hour drive on I-75N. The excitement of the road trips usually wore off after about 2 hours into the drive and that's when my kids started asking "are we there yet?" Although my, you better be quiet, stare would silence them momentarily before long I would hear the question repeatedly, "mom are we there yet?"

Waiting is definitely not very fun and often times even uncomfortable. This became quite apparent for Charles and I as we embarked upon our current journey. December 2015, Charles and I set out on an adventure heading to Paris, France, with an arrival time around May 2016. Little did we know, there'd be unplanned layovers on the journey and our timeline would quickly disappear.

The important thing to note here is, there is always a purpose in the wait.

Prior to leaving California, God assigned us to serve others in various capacities. One of our final assignments was supporting a dear friend going through a serious medical condition. Charles and I were available for our friend and her family as she went through surgery and during her hospital stay. Once our friend was out of immediate danger and begin to recover we felt at peace to leave California, with a better understanding of why we needed to wait.

Once out of California, we began to feel the physical and emotional tolls, our various assignments had on the two of us. The next stop on the journey was Arizona, were we stayed for 7 weeks, this allowed for a time to rest, connect with old friends and make new friends. During our time in Arizona, we began to see family and friends receiving things we were praying for, several had even traveled to Paris, France. I am sure this is a good place to write how happy and excited I was for them; Yeah, that's not what I felt though.

Although, what I was feeling at the time was not directed at those being blessed, I was feeling some kind of way with God. I was frustrated, hurt, and confused, like Paris was a carrot being dangled in my face. I thought about that commercial where the old man is dangling a dollar on the end of a fishing line, while smiling a toothless grin and saying ooooh you almost got it.

I was not in a good wait space and knew my best option was to have a conversation with God, or as some would call it PRAY! My conversations with God started out teary, however by the end of the conversation I was screaming. I really wanted to understand why I was subjected to watching others being blessed with the very things I was waiting for.

One of my greatest discoveries about being in a period of waiting, was learning to appreciate your present situation. I assure you that once you allow yourself to bloom right where you are, your perspective will shift. The shift will allow you to see and experience your present situation differently.

Charles and I, have stopped focusing on getting to the Eiffel Tower, knowing we'll get there right on schedule. Our journey priority now is the current situation. As a result we are actively involved in our local community engaging in volunteering opportunities. As we wait for our journey to move forward, Nashville TN is where we call home. The choice to Bloom where we are planted continues to yield many beautiful relationships and experiences for us.

What if waiting is the soil God uses for us to GROW!!! ~OneLove (Diane)

"We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us."

~Joseph Campbell


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