The Next...

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.

~Lamentations 3:22-23

The ease and speed of what comes next, is often related to how we prepare and finish. When we start preparing early, we are better prepared for what's to come. Have you ever helped someone move and when you arrived they weren't even packed? That is a good example of not being prepared. The way we finish something sets the tone for our next. My goal is to always finish well and mostly I am able to meet that goal.

There will be a transition period from where you are, to what's next; this is a change marker. Expect the transition to be slightly uncomfortable; because you are being prepared for what's ahead. Whether it's planned or a surprise, change is always a little exciting and unnerving; because you don't really KNOW. Although you may have a good idea until it actually occurs you really don't know how it will impact you. With promotions we plan for all the great perks, but not so much, for the unseen challenges and stress factors. In contrast being released from a position, could be a defining moment to soar. Unemployment has a funny way of creating a sense of urgency, for most people. The next is coming, so will you be an active or passive participant?

Staying in the now while planning for what's ahead; has been one of my biggest challenges.

When I know a move is coming, enjoying my current living space becomes entwined with packing and purging. Staying in the moment while packing and purging can be an emotional roller coaster; going up with excitement, down with fear of the unknown and rounding the curves with a mixture of both. I have found acknowledging my feelings and refocusing on the now has helped me stay balanced; which is much easier said, then done.

Praying, walking or writing are my starting points for refocusing, however sometimes I need to include others into the process. Moving into your next requires you to be on point. Be mindful of who you are discussing your plans and feelings with. As a result of growth and several next experiences, my sharing has become very intentional and selective.

If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there. So as you prepare for your next, have a plan. I really love the concept of vision boards, it allows me to visualize my desired outcomes. Amazingly, the correlations between my vision boards and reality, are often very similar. In many cases, my reality is better then what's on my vision board. Just to be clear, the vision board is a tool for motivation and inspiration; that requires you to do your part. My vision boards allows me to be focused and aligned; while staying mindful to modify as things change and manifest. A dear friend inspired me to "Stay Ready" check out; (~Dr. Angela Anderson)

When we are able to embrace the next, beyond our excitement/fear; there will be peace in the transition. Please note, peace doesn't guarantee the absence of challenges. (wink) Resisting the next will not stop it; only makes the transition more challenging. Life is full of good, bad, up, and down, next moments. Plan, prepare, and stay ready, because the next is happening NOW!

~One Love Diane

Excitedly Embracing My NEXT!



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