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Updated: Jun 16

Gratitude Ranch Where Magic Happens

The opportunity to serve at the Gratitude Ranch, came via a volunteer site I was registered with. There was something about the event that I knew would change my life forever. My travel time to the ranch was nearly 1 hour; I almost turned around during the drive because the location was so remote and I thought I was lost. As soon I drove up the long driveway, I knew that I was exactly where I was suppose to be. The ranch was amazing, even magical; later I would discover the slogan attached to the ranch is, "Gratitude Ranch Where Magic Happens"

Life has a funny way of surprising us; when we go forth in service. My purpose for going to the Gratitude Ranch was to volunteer; little did I know I would meet two amazing women, who are now dear friends. Cha and Kathy were two bright lights in a sea of strangers, together we served, laughed, and created a beautiful bond. At the end of the night, Kathy suggested, what I had been thinking, let's have lunch one day; of course we all eagerly agreed and contact information was exchanged.

Magical Meeting at The Gratitude Ranch

Our magical encounter occurred nearly 8 months ago and since that time; Kathy, Cha, and I have experienced many beautiful and fun moments together. The awesome part of our story is we all relocated to Nashville within the past 3 years. Cha moved to Nashville from the Philippines, with her fiance; they were married, shortly after the move. Cha is an amazing makeup artist and she is really making a name for herself here in Nashville. I was blessed with a Cha Sloan make over for my 12th Wedding Anniversary. I don't wear make up normally however my face was so beautifully done; I was pleasantly stunned looking into the mirror. Cha creates from a place of LOVE and it's reflected in her work! Book Cha for your next special event: MAKE UP BY CHA SLOAN

Kathy like myself is a grandmother, her move to Nashville was to be close to her darling grandson. Kathy moved here from Indiana, she is such a beautiful person, with a smile that could light up any room. Recently, Kathy's daughter/son-in-law, decided to join the family in Nashville; now she will have both of her children close by. Kathy has a heart to serve and together we have volunteered at Knowles Assisted Living and Samaritan Ministries. Kathy is also a member of a women's bible study with me; Women Warriors Bible Study. I am so excited for all the amazing things ahead for Kathy, as she continues her walk in service, of others.

Well Charles and I landed in Nashville nearly three years ago; check out Curve Ball

As we continue to go forth on our journey; we are excited for what's next to come, in our ministry of service.

I am looking forward to what the future holds for Cha, Kathy, and I; in the meantime I will continue chronicling our adventures. Coming Soon to a bookstore near you;

The Journey's of The Gratitude Girls!!! (Winks)

Remember service to others, on your life's journey. When you serve with an open heart; you never know what's waiting to serve you back. Truly the Gratitude Ranch is where "Magic Happens"

just ask the Gratitude Girls!

~One Love Diane

The Gratitude Girls



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