The Butterfly...

Day 25

When I see a butterfly, I am reminded of the struggles in life. The transformation process from the caterpillar into the butterfly, is no easy task. In fact, watching the process will make you want to help the butterfly. There is actually a story about the butterfly coming from the cocoon, check it out.

The Butterfly Story

There are many events in my life that has caused me to struggle. The interesting thing is that with every struggle, there is a lesson. Unfortunately we often miss the lesson, because we are distracted by the discomfort of the situation. Growing up in a single parent home came with many struggles. There were times when we faced, what appeared to be a hopeless situation. In every hopeless situation, a way was made; causing my faith to strengthen. Although most of the situations, didn't turn out the way we thought they would; all of the situations worked together for our good.

One of my mother's constant sayings was, "Diane, if it doesn't kill you, it will make you stronger."

This statement was used as my mantra through out nursing school and than again during my nursing career. The challenges and struggles of becoming a nurse, were necessary to create the nurse advocate, I would become. The challenges of my nursing career, were necessary to build the knowledge base for me to become, a leader and educator, in the field of nursing. My leadership and education experience enabled me to become "Professor Woodford" At any time during this process if I would have quit, I would have missed out on an amazing ride.

Raising my own children, was another time that I often referred to mom's statement. The struggle of being a parent, will definitely have you re-thinking life, as you previously knew it. Raising my children was a total balancing act of; making sure they were getting the childhood I didn't and staying sane enough to make that happen. Knowing when to jump in for help and when to stand back and observe, was also a parenting struggle. There were times I thought, the worst mother of the year award would be presented to me. Perhaps I was being a little too hard on myself. My two children have grown into amazing adults. The struggle was definitely real and I am a much better human being as a result of motherhood. The challenges of motherhood has also allowed me to experience the joys of being a "Nana"

Life is full of beautiful transformations. Remember the next time you find yourself faced with a struggle, stop and ponder; What's the lesson in this? Every struggle is wrapped with a lesson.

~One Love Diane




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