Teamwork ... Dreamwork

There's a saying that goes; "Teamwork Makes The Dreamwork."

I consider myself a team player and I agree with this saying to a point. My reservations lean towards who's on the team. I mean think about it for a minute; Who's on your team? What's your ranking on the team? Are you a varsity player on the junior varsity team? Are you a varsity player on the varsity team? Are you a starter on a NBA team? So again I ask you; who are your team members?

I just happen to believe a well rounded team is composed of a NBA starters, varsity and junior varsity players; although this mixture is not a realistic basketball team, it can work in life. With this blend of players on my team, as a varsity player; I can reach back and pull up a junior varsity player. Also, I can collaborate strategies, with my fellow varsity players. Finally, I can reach up and grab for my NBA starters; to help me level up. So it's important that you have the right combination of players on your life team; draft wisely.

Having a team is not optional in this life; we were designed to live and work together; no man is an island unto himself, ask Tom Hanks and Wilson (winks). No matter how much money you have, you can not get by in life alone. You are going to require assistance; at some point and time in this life.


Therefore know your team, know yourself, and know your dream. What are you striving for? Where are you going? Are you going for a championship ring, promotion, business launch, publishing a book? What are you going for? Who are your team members? These are important factors for the success of any team.

Remember on every successful team there are starters and bench players. Also note, cuts and trades will be required to keep the team balanced and competitive for your championship ring.

So again I say, teamwork makes the dream-work!

~One Love Diane

Home Team ~ One Love



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