Take Flight...

In Loving Memory of Elaine T. Jacques

Elaine was my mother's first cousin and mom simply adored her. Elaine inspired my mother so much that as a child, I couldn't wait to meet her. The first time I remember meeting Elaine, was at a family celebration. Mom was so excited that Elaine was in town and would be in attendance. Elaine was a world traveller and no longer lived in Detroit. First impressions are lasting and after that encounter with Elaine, my life was forever changed. I knew right then and there that I too would someday be a world traveller and live in many places outside of Detroit, Michigan.

Fast forward the story about 35 years, I I created a Facebook page for Paths2transformation. One of the first people that "Friended" me was my cousin Elaine. After we reconnected there would be text messages and phone calls, and finally a few years back we had wonderful reunion.

September 2016, we were both visiting Detroit during the same time, Elaine from Colorado and me from Tennessee. I was in town for my grandson Kadir's 2nd birthday and Elaine was in town to check in on her mom. Elaine posted on Facebook that she was in Detroit and it was her birthday.

Immediately I informed my mom and we reached out to Elaine. After we finished our joyful screams into the phone, we agreed to meet within that very hour.

After nearly 40 years, Elaine and I were finally reunited on her birthday at her mom's house.

My grandson Kadir, was with me, he charmed Elaine and they became instant buddies. Our reunion was filled with laughter, joy, hugs, reflections and lots of love. I took plenty of pictures, during our time together. Although Elaine frequently mentioned via texts that my journey was inspiring to her; hearing the words spoken in person was surreal. Elaine encouraged Charles to stay the course and stay open to the possibilities. "I hope your journey will bring you to Colorada someday." Elaine spoke those words as we concluded our visit. As we said our farewells, Charles and I agreed to add a Colorado visit to our journey.

A couple of weeks ago I received a phone call from my mom informing me that Elaine had made her transitioned from this life. I was completely numbed by the call and simultaneously grateful for our last vist.

Never underestimate the significance of your life's experiences. You never know who's watching, learning, and being inspired by you. Thank you Elaine for your adventurous spirit to live life to the fullest and the inspiring ways you encouraged others to... "TAKE FLIGHT"

~OneLove Diane

Love the life you live.

Live the life you love.

~Bob Marley



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