Updated: Mar 22, 2019

Day 16

Believe it or not, getting stuck is much easier than you think. In most cases once you realize that you're stuck, forcibly breaking away or getting out is the first responses . In many cases, what that does, is make things worst. For instance if your tires are stuck in the snow and you floor the gas pedal hoping to pull yourself out, what generally happens is the tires becomes more deeply embedded into the snow.

There are many ways of being stuck. For instance, stuck in an elevator, stuck in traffic, stuck in a meeting, stuck in the middle of a crisis, the list goes on and on. For me being stuck in a creative slump is the worst. There was a popular song back in the early 90's that went like this; "Free your mind and the rest will follow..." So when I find myself in a creative slump, I just find ways to free my mind. Generally this is achieved by taking a walk, meditating, listening to music and writing.

When you really stop and think about it, your mind is where it all starts. Consider this, you can have a good life, be happy, at peace and surrounded by love. Then you start thinking about what you don't have that's when the "what if conversation" begin in your mind. Allowing these thoughts to take up residence in your head does come with a price. That cost may be your peace of mind, personal health, or well being. Therefore it's important to guard your mind, by choosing wisely the things you are watching, listening to and speaking. Several years ago I read an amazing book called "Change Your Words Change Your World" This was a great story illustrating the power of our words and thoughts.

Have you ever been advised while driving, to take an alternate route in order to avoid being stuck in traffic? Yet instead you decided to continue on the normal route because it was more convenient. As you are moving along, you start to think hmmm, that traffic adviser was wrong, this is going pretty BAM! Traffic slows and then the crawl and stop begins. You want to get mad but quickly remember, you chose the route that had you stuck in traffic. When you get right down to it, many people are stuck in places as a result of choosing convenience over continuance.

There are a lot of comfy and cozy places to be stuck in. Take for example, the artist who may be trapped in the body of a cardiologist, with a thriving medical practice. Considering all the fancy trappings and perks that come along with being a doctor, it's all good right? Or, what about the woman or man, that's in a marriage which provides a high class lifestyle and status but lack love and intimacy. But hey, it's the living my best life kinda of being stuck; So that makes it much better, right? Personally I would have to answer, no and no!

Stuck is stuck, regardless of the circumstances or environment surrounding it. Once again, our natural instinct is to pull away when we find ourselves stuck. However, in some cases we choose to remain in sticky situations, either out of convenience or we feel it's too late to pull away.

If you are feeling stuck right now, I encourage you to:

Stop, Think, Using, Creative, Knowledge and find your way to get UNSTUCK!!!!

~One Love Diane

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