Stop Explaining...

Day 15

When God speaks a promise into your life, believe it and keep it pushing. First of all the Promise is for YOU, therefore whether or not people believe it, is not important.

Let's take Noah for instance, when God told him to build the ark, that's what Noah did. Even though Noah could not understand the concept of "Rain" he built that ark. Remember up to this point it had never rained and Noah looked ridiculous. However, Noah was obedient and instead of explaining, he built. In the midst of being laughed at, talked about, and questioned endlessly, Noah just kept on building. I am sure those first few drops of water from the sky, made the concept of rain REAL for all.

Ooooh that's why you were building that big ole thing; Noah, my FRIEND. The rain validated Noah's assignment and clearly made the point that obedience is better than sacrifice. After the rains God made a promise to Noah and placed a rainbow in the sky as a reminder of that promise.

Rainbows are still a reminder that God is a promise keeper.

God is faithful to his promises, this I know for a fact. Not because somebody told me or I read about Noah and the ark. Like Noah, I too have been given some interesting assignments and the faithfulness of God has been right there with me. Just as God sent his rainbow to Noah as a promise reminder; throughout the course of my life I have seen many rainbows. The most amazing part of the rainbow sightings for me is the timing. God knows just when to send me his rainbows and at times he'll send a double rainbow. Whenever I look up and see the rainbow I am reminded that God is faithful to his promises over my life.

People will often want to questions your assignments and works for the Lord and that's fine. However, I encourage you today to STOP EXPLAINING, your callings and assignments.

I remember when Charles and I were packing up to leave Pasadena, California nearly 4 years ago, we were laughed at and talked about. People simply couldn't understand what we were doing, we tried to explain our journey and that just made us look crazy. Finally, we got to the point were the journey started and the explanations ended. When I told my mother, in love of course, that this was my journey and she didn't have to understand it, I knew that I was really done explaining myself.

When God is leading you into a new season in your life, please understand that it may not make sense and often you will simply not be able to explain it. I sincerely believe that is intentional, and God's way to develop your spiritual muscles, faith walk, and total trust in Him. Walking away from life as we knew it, for an assignment we couldn't explain, was a challenge. In the very beginning, Proverbs 3:5-6 helped tremendously. I recited that scripture through many tearful nights, not because I was afraid; I just didn't understand. Each time I spoke the words, "and lean not to your own understanding..." it would resonate with me. Finally, I stopped trying to figure it out and simply trusted God to direct my path.

Instead of explaining our journey, we have been led to document the journey on this blog site. Also we are capturing the journey in pictures and video, with plans to make it into a documentary.

We invite you to follow and join the journey! ~One Love Diane



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