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Updated: Sep 13, 2018

A Silent Epidemic

We want to do something a little different with this Guest Post and PAUSE to shout out our dear friend and brother "Ola" for stepping up to the plate with a powerful in your face exhibition on the homeless youth.

"This series dives deep into the exploited lives of the homeless youth, the abuse, the corruption, and the hope of salvation through awareness, real help and healing by blending the paintings with poetry" (Taken from @draftsbyola IG post)

My name is Olasubomi Aka-Bashorun I’m a visual Artist in the greater Nashville Area. 

My newest exhibition, is being featured at DBO Gallery in the Nashville Arcade, downtown Nashville TN. The exhibition is called “ Stolen Innocence- A Silent Epidemic Opening Exhibition” It is a series created to bring awareness to the homeless youth situation in our backyards. 

This series started when I was 17 years old. The series was inspired by the story of a young child that I encountered, her story broke me. I began to wonder how in the world this could be. For humanity sake, my next thought was; "What could I do to change this?"

I decided to use my gift of Art to bring this silent epidemic to life. Homeless youth is an unknown epidemic to millions of people. My goal is to create awareness using visual art to put this situation up close and personal. Hopefully, my works will inspire others to use their talents and skills to help promote awareness and positive change.

The lives of the homeless youths can be changed by a collection of people using their skills to make a difference. I want to start this movement using my skills to create images and poetry about these youths. This gallery exhibition is just the beginning, I plan to use the raised resources and partnerships to take "Stolen Innocence" on the road. My dream is to have a traveling show bringing awareness to this silent epidemic, going to cities all over the U.S. The goal is to share theses stories and bring light to an unspoken epidemic. The ultimate goal is to take the exhibit globally to nations around the world.

I have designed prints and t-shirts with the images from the exhibit which are available for purchase on my website, A portion of the proceeds will be donated to a local organization. For more information about the organization, check out The Oasis Center

Homelessness Youth Epidemic is Real Here's Some Startling Stats:

(Taken from Video Presentation on Ola's IG Page)

Youth become homeless due to problems in the home

(Neglect, Poverty, Physical/Sexual Abuse, Etc...)

Over 1.3 million youths are homeless

Ages 12-17 are more at risk of homelessness than adults

63% of homeless youth reported physical and/or sexual abuse

38% are being emotionally abused

75% of homeless youth are female

20-40% relate as LGBT

I invite you to be a part of the change, start where you are and do what you can to help our youth.

I am using my art, will you join me, with your talents/skills ??? ~OneLove (Ola)



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