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Updated: Jan 8, 2019

Barbara's Glitter Journey

The Glitter Girls Group was established April 16, 2016, in Nashville, Tn. Terressa Brown is the founder and the idea came to her after her birthday celebration. The purpose of the group is to provide opportunities for ladies to enjoy life, celebrate their birthdays, and have fun together. Realizing that life is a gift from God, our desire is to live life to the fullest and to enjoy each moment! Another goal is to impact our community by providing community services." - (Terrssa Brown)

Founder of Glitter Girls "Terressa Brown"

I was invited by my sister to attend the Glitter Girls, annual Christmas party, which I really enjoyed. During the party, I was informed that there was two spaces available for new members. By the end of the party, I decided that I wanted to be a part of the Glitter Girls, so I accepted the invitation to join that very night. In my heart I knew that this group was what I needed despite the many irons I already had in the fire. The Glitter Girls offered me an additional opportunity to be close to my sister and become a part of an even larger sisterhood. I am amazed how fast time fly's when you're having fun, it's been two years since I became a Glitter Girl.

There have been so many wonderful highlights of being a part of the Glitter Girls. I really enjoy the smiles and positive reactions we receive from onlookers, checking us out in our yellow and black tee shirts, full of fun and laughter as we celebrate life. The reactions of observers never cease to amaze me, like the time a couple paid our entire bill, at El Ray's restaurant. Another time, a Red Lobster manager provided complimentary dishes of ice cream to go with our cake.

During my time with the Glitter Girls we have also celebrated the home-going of our dear sister Norma Reese. The Glitter Girls showed up in all white with yellow boutonnieres with glitter sprinkled on them. We sat together during the services and reflected on the fun times we shared with Norma. The benefits of a club like the Glitter Girls is having support, friendship and love ones close by to celebrate the good and bad times.

Serving our community, is a part of the Glitter Girls mission. This year, Glitter Girls participated as sponsors for, Letter's to Santa; which provided Christmas gifts for kids at the Parkwood Community Center. I am looking forward to sharing many more years of glittering with my girls. I would encourage others to find a group that makes them glitter! Barbara J. ~OneLove

"She who leaves a trail of Glitter is not ever forgotten." ~Kate Spade



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