Smell The Roses...

Day 41

Often times once we achieve our goals, our next step is to start working on something new; right away. Many time we just don't stop, to absorb and appreciate our wins. We are so focused on winning and maintaining a winning streaks; we don't even pause to feel the win. The truth of the matter is this, when you pause and really acknowledge your win to your self, you are able to see the discipline, determination, and dedication behind that win.

Once you are able to realize that you are truly a winner, against the odds of quitting; finally you made it across that finish line. That's enough to motivate you and fuel your momentum to keep going. Unfortunately, many times we strive to accomplish something great; only to give minimum or no praise/celebration, once we have conquered our goal. Your celebration is not just for you, it's also for those who supported you, along the way. Remember there are people cheering for you, so celebrate and give praise to the Lord; you never know who is being encouraged by your success.

Somebody is always watching you, looking at how you handle your wins and losses So celebrate them all, yes, celebrate the win and the loss. I remember when Lebron James, went straight to the locker room without shaking the hands of his opponents, during a championship game. The world was watching and people had a lot to say about his poor sportsmanship. But then I remember when Dallas won the NBA Championship; their win was overshadowed by the NBA strike; the following season. In essence, neither loss or win was properly celebrated.

Today, I am on the other side of a 40 day creative writing journey, with a completed first draft manuscript. That was by no means an easy task. It required the discipline to rise each day at 4am, the dedication to write and pause as led by my creative flow. Also, the determination to meet the goal and come out of this with manuscript in hand.

I am excited to scream from the top of my lungs, "I DID IT, YES!"

Think about this, in the winner circle a lot of competitors, are presented with roses. Every time I see this, I am reminded to properly celebrate my wins by stopping and smelling the roses.

The important thing to know is once you stop, embrace, and celebrate; then it's time to keep it moving. You don't want to get stuck in a winning moment. With that said, I have already initiated the starting plans for publishing my debut book. Also my second manuscript is in the works. A win can be as simple as getting out of bed, in the morning; or accepting the Nobel Peace Prize. Whatever your win is; just remember to celebrate it and take time to smell the roses.

~One Love Diane



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