Show Up

Day 36

The best way we can support others is by showing up. The power of your presence is priceless to those who love and admire you the most. I believe that physically showing up has been replaced, with the outpouring of material gifts and fast paced lifestyles. I grew up in the era of the "Dinner Table." This was a time when family and friends sat around the table and ate together, everyday. Usually it was just family and on the weekends, especially Sunday's, friends would join us.

Both of my grandmothers loved to cook and people would come from near and far to eat at their table(s). Some of the most informative conversations, during my childhood occurred; around the dinner table. Family bonding, encouraging, and reconciliations all happened around the dinner table. The man of the house was served first, then the children, and mama or grandma was always the last to eat. I didn't realize it at the time, but they ate last to make sure everyone else was served.

I also remembered how we all showed up for one another. No matter the occasion, people showed up, for you. I mean from the youngest to the oldest, this would include family, friends, neighbors, and even people you didn't know; but they knew you. There was a since of pride and community, that is now disappearing.

Somewhere in the come up (that place where we strive for a better life), we lost the dinner table experience, front porch conversations, and the sense of urgency to show up; for one another. I have been guilty of the busy schedule syndrome, causing me to miss out on some important events. There is nothing like hearing about the wonderful time people had, at this or that event or celebration; to help you redefine your priorities.

I began to make an intentional effort to show up for my people. Take notice of who shows up for you consistently. Always be mindful to say thank you, to those committed to supporting you. Remember this, showing up consistently is becoming extinct.

Pushing through tiredness and other challenges to be there for another person, can make a world of difference. Also, seeding into a person's dream financially, prayerfully, and physically, can make an incredible impact on their dream. Teamwork makes the dream work (winks).

When I think about it, I am sure the people that showed up for me growing up, were probably also tired or busy. In spite of it all they chose to be there for me consistently; their presence made all the difference, in making me who I am today.

There are millions of ways that we can show up for each other; a simple call to say hi, sending a postcard or flowers, or even a surprise lunch date, just to name a few things. Be creative and hey, maybe find a way to bring the dinner table back into your life. You never know just who may, "Show Up"

~One Love Diane



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