Day 10

People seem to be in such a hurry, these days. I often wonder; why everyone seem to be rushing? Especially drivers on the roads here in Nashville; they ride your bumper so close, it's like you are towing them. How can we enjoy and savor the now, when we are hurried to get to the next?

Many years ago I went to Jamaica and it was like going to a place where time moved turtle slow. One of the local popular sayings was "soon come." For instance, my favorite breakfast spot there, opened when the cook arrived. That was usually around 0800 but not necessarily, as I would soon find out. One morning I arrived around 0815 and the restaurant was open but not serving food. I was informed that the cook would "soon come." The cook arrived about 0930 and carried on as if he was early. Initially, I was a little irritated but after a delicious cup of coffee, everything was "irie mon" I enjoyed my breakfast that morning and learned how to embrace island time.

I have visited several other Caribbean islands and people generally move at a much slower pace. I often heard the pace referred to as "island time." Although it's a challenge to bring that time back to the mainland, I still try to incorporate some "island time" into my daily life. Those who are close to me know about my pajama days. I also like to take time for morning walks and reading/ writing in coffee shops. Basically, I like to find ways to get out of the hustle and bustle of life and enjoy some "me time." This time allows me to find my balance, while being able to navigate better within the fast pace of society.

With so many things pulling us into a space of rushing, it's important to take the time to simply slow down. Rising early, for me, creates a quiet time of peace that I find priceless. Even though I don't live near the ocean yet; I do have the stillness and a great view to watch the sunrise with a cup of coffee. In other words create your own slow down moments and enjoy a little island time wherever you may be.

~OneLove Diane




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