Plug In...

Day 27

We live in a "Smart" Society, smart phones, tv's, appliances, cars, houses, and the list goes on and on. As smart as all of these things are, without power they are useless. If you don't believe me, try making a call on your smartphone with zero percent battery.(ha)

People rarely leave the house without a phone charger. Now, they even have portable chargers, that easily fit in your pocket or purse. Ensuring that our devices are charged at all times, has become a top priority, for many people. Sadly, we don't take that same approach with ourselves.

We live in a society of instant gratification, which means people are always on the go. I have been guilty of schedule overload; cramming way to much in a single day. However, life experiences and a couple of burnout episodes; reminded me of the necessity to pause and recharge. What I know for sure is this, people will suck every ounce of your energy, if allowed; then complain that you are not being productive.

Just like we ensure our phones and other devices are charged up, we must do the same thing for ourselves. For me recharging can be as simple as turning off my phone and taking a quiet day for self-care. Sometimes that quick recharge is not enough and a vacation to Aruba is required (winks)

The main point is knowing your indicators for when to plug in. Unfortunately, we don't have an audible alert, to notify us to plug in. However we do have unique indicators, for example; tiredness, snappy disposition, feeling Hangry (hunger related anger), and decrease productivity. Those are just a few indicators, there are countless others. The important factor is to know your indicators and make it a priority to plug in.

Being around people with positive vibes is less draining on your charge. Recently I attended a women's event full of positive vibrations; I left fully charged as a result of the energy exchanged, in the room. We must stay mindful of our environments, knowing that some will charge you while others will drain you. Usually, the defining factor depends on, whether the energy exchanged is balanced or one sided.

Recharging yourself is an essential part of life and it's important that you remember to plug in. Also just as our cellphone shut off when the battery reaches zero; our bodies will also shut down when left unplugged for too long.

What a shame it would be if your big time to shine came in the exact moment your body decided to shut down. #Remember2PlugIn

OneLove Diane

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