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Updated: Feb 16, 2019

Celebrating The Gift of Love

In honor of the calendar day of love; valentine's day; Paths2transformation would like to share three love stories. Special thanks to Kyazah/Jayson and Che'ri/Van for sharing their stories with us. One-Love to my dear husband Charles for sharing the story of us.

College Sweethearts

Jayson and I met at the illustrious Fisk University, #CollegeSweethearts. I was studying biology and he was studying computer science. Jayson was on the track/field team and my roommate was his teammate. One day, after his practice Jayson came into the library, where I was studying. I was taking a study break with my friends at the time and we were listening to some dance-hall music on my computer. Jayson asked "What you know about that?" From that point, our relationship blossomed and Jayson and I began having endless conversations.

I knew Jayson was the one when he walked into English class one day. He had on like men slipper/sandals and shorts and I thought to myself, this guy is cut from a different cloth. I knew right then and there that eventually we would become friends - best friends.

Jayson proposed in the most Jayson way ever. It was a Tuesday night and we had just gotten in from a long day of work and class. I had to study for a Genetics exam that night. Stress was at an all time high yet Jayson insisted we listen to some music. I refused but he was persistent, Jayson asked me to pick a song, suggesting we could release some stress before I went back to studying. I agreed, next thing I know, we're laughing and dancing and I turned around to find Jayson on one knee with a ring. *Insert happy tears*

The highlight of being married to Jayson for me is becoming a union under God. There's no greater feeling then having a partner for life. A partner that has vowed to be there always. A partner that has vowed to work (within the marriage) when they don't feel like it. A partner that is saying no matter what, God has made me for you and you for me and in Him we will do His work TOGETHER.

Approaching our one year anniversary, my greatest highlight is that God has bestowed upon me, the gift and honor to be Jayson's WIFE. (As told by Kyazah)

Kyazah and Jayson

Second Time Around

Van and I met 30 years ago in Nashville, we dated during our time in undergrad. Van graduated and left the state to pursue a career opportunity and after graduation I returned home in pursuit of further education.

After 26 years, I sent a text to one of our mutual friends. Later that same day Van and that mutual friend met to hang out, the friend mentioned the text to Van. After a brief discussion the two of them decided to give me a call. The result of that call was a love rekindled and two years later we became man and wife.

Van proposed during a surprise birthday/grad school congratulations celebration. I knew we were going to dinner; however, the other five couples knew about the celebration. Van surprised us when he asked me to marry him during that beautiful intimate event. 

One of the most romantic things about the proposal for me was that Van actually purchased the ring a year prior and waited for the perfect time to propose. Of course Van was on pins and needles during that year hoping that I wouldn't find the ring. The highlight to being Van's wife, is our commitment to communicating and being partners. Van's consideration and respect for my needs continue to give me butterflies. I love that "Van gives me space to be me in ALL of my complexities." (As told by Chéri)

Che'ri and Van

Third Time's A Charm

I met Diane at a lounge in Detroit.  She was there with her two sisters, they were having drinks to celebrate their dad's life; he died the day before.  I used the famous "Don't I know you from..." pick up line. I would later find out that Diane was in town from California and my Yin Yang sweat shirt saved me from being snubbed, after my pick up line opening.

After our first encounter, Diane and I began a 6 month long distance relationship. During that relationship we racked up several thousand flight miles, meeting at various locations. Sedona, Arizona was one of the first meet ups, were we celebrated Diane's birthday. We also met in Vegas, Florida, Chicago and I flew to California at least 8 times in that 6 month period. Needless to say, I knew that Diane was someone I wanted to experience the rest of my life with, she was the yin to my yang.

I proposed to Diane by taking her to the jewelry store and asking her to chose 3 rings, a wedding set and a ring to wear for work at the hospital. Collectively, Diane and I selected a date to get married, based on her work schedule. Unknowingly the date we chose was actually the same date we met, two years prior.  However it was not until we were actively planing our intimate courthouse ceremony, that we realize the significance of our selected date.

I love Diane's compassion for life and how our personalities compliment each other, being married to her is an adventure that continuously inspires me to be my best self. My life with Diane started with a prayer, is built around our prayer life and stand on the foundation that "With God All Things are Possible ! Together Diane and I represent Paths2transformation #OneLove

(As told by Charles)

Diane and Charles

The first time I saw you my heart whispered "That's the one"




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