One Year Later...

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

In one years time I left the home that I’d created from fairy dust in LA (after 8 amazing years), saying farewell to my tribe and testing the wings I’d grown to follow God back East. I think I’ve finally learned to follow God’s whispers and nudges to move when he says move and simply ask questions later.


One year later, I find myself wiser, better, stronger, and STILL HERE. In one year’s time I’ve traveled half of the hemisphere visiting over 50+ new cities and territories including 3 new countries touring and #producingmybestlife!!!! Traveling has reopened my imagination to the possibilities ahead. I’ve seen volcanoes, waterfalls, places where the sun doesn’t set, shores of countries I never thought I’d see and so much more. If you would have given me this forecast / premonition a year ago when my heart was trampled (not broken though), when both of my parents were sick, when my Gram first started to be overcome by dementia, when I thought that I had it all and all I needed was love....

I would have thought you were INSANE.

Yet a year later, I am still learning how strong I am and how much faith it takes to persevere. I am more than confident that I can hear God speak directly to me, if I’m still and patient enough to listen. I stand firmly on the promise written in Luke 1:37, “Nothing, with God, is impossible!” I’m forever grateful for every breath of what I’ve survived and what I’ve overcome. I’m grateful for every closed door, every broken relationship, everything that I’ve chosen to walk away from, every person who said “No”, every illness, every circumstance and every blessing on the other side of it all! Those valleys and hills brought me to today. I stand tall, confident and proud of who I am, who I’m called to be, where I’m called to LEAD, and know without a doubt that those who need to follow the journey will. I’ve learned not to mourn those who can’t make the whole journey with you and jump off the boat at times when it feels too soon. To God I say thank you! To Life, I say thank you! To the Future, I say, I’m ready. Let’s go!!! 

Not moving backwards but every time I do look behind me I’m sooooooo proud of the journey. Grateful to everyone who has, is, and will journey with me! 📷 ~OneLove ChéLa McIntyre,

The Lyricmonét Company (branding • events • production • design)

The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide not to stay where you are. ~Unknown



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