Move Out The Way....

Day 35

How many times have you, told yourself NO? I mean before you even thought about it, the first thing out of your mouth or in your mind is NO! I have been guilty of this, way more then I would like to admit. One day this was brought to my attention by someone I love deeply (Charles), and I decided to stop telling myself NO, first.

In this life we will all face challenges and trials. Some look at these things as mountains, placed to obstruct their path. However, the majority of challenges and trials are in our lives to teach and strengthen us. In another case, we encounter self imposed challenges, when we tell ourselves NO, without trying.

Consider a time you wanted to try something new, and immediately you began to think of all the reasons you couldn't do it. Not only are you telling yourself NO in that situation, you are also creating the mountain to stop yourself. There has been many times that I've allowed myself to miss opportunities by simply building a mountain of excuses; smack in the middle of my path.

That was the old me, now I tell myself YES and go for it. Telling myself YES doesn't guarantee my success, but it ensures, I will make the effort. With each effort I am encouraged, to continue trying new things. As a result of welcoming new adventures and opportunities into my life, I am learning to successfully climb and navigate around the mountains in my path.

Being comfortable with telling yourself YES, will also help you to be confident in finding your YES; when others are telling you NO. Check out Shonda Rhimes book Year of Yes. I listened to the book, read by the author, a few years back and really enjoyed it. Saying YES first can be a little scary, but it's one of the best ways to come out of your comfort zone. I remind myself often to move out of my own way. Knowing that my mind is capable of creating my greatest mountains. So if you want to overcome any mountain on your path; just say YES, to the hike.

~One Love Diane

Conquering My Mountains in Central Coast California



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