Miracles Happen...

I love hearing and sharing stories about present day miracles. The following story truly blessed my soul; with permission I am sharing. ~ One Love Diane

 My husband and I were living in a house costing about $17,000. The monthly rent was $170. We were starting a new church in the neighborhood. I was browsing through a home for sale brochure when a house nearby caught my eye. I was intrigued to see what a house costing $100,000 would look like; So, I wanted to see it. I persuaded by husband to come with me. The house had been vacated for several months so the owner let us in. 

As we entered, we saw dark, purple carpet, purple walls and broken mirrors. There was an

in-ground swimming pool, family room, kitchen, living room and bedrooms. This place was amazing. My husband realized that this floor plan, including the open air atrium in the middle of the house, was identical to a house; he sketched in his junior high classroom. That was definitely a God wink. We truly felt that this was our house. It was only a minute away from the proposed site of our new church. It offered the amenities that would serve any visitors from the community or congregation. 

So, we told the owner that this was OUR house. He inquired what we could pay for it. After praying and juggling and speaking in faith, we said, $65,000." I was a teacher at the time, my husband was not receiving any salary. Our monthly note would be at least $700; we were truly taking a leap of faith!  The owner laughed and said, "You're trying to steal my house." Needless to say, we still asked for papers to sign. The owner stated that it was futile to do so because he already had an offer, for the full asking price. I believe it was a football player or some other rich person. However, we insisted that this is OUR house.

After persisting, the owner allowed us to sign a back-up contract for $65,000. Praise God, when the first contract fell through; he had to honor our contract. Hallelujah! But wait, we had no money for a down payment. Remembering that there were repairs needed and carpet to replace, my husband proposed that we make those repairs in exchange for a down payment. The owner agreed and brought us the keys. Hallelujah! We rejoiced and praised God. That night we slept in the house on the floor, so amazed that we would be living there.

On the day we moved in, I tripped over a small rock, fell and broke my ankle. I had surgery and was recuperating while our faithful church members helped my husband move into our new home. This was August and school was soon to begin. We asked the owner about our first payment; since we had already lived one month rent free. The owner simply replied, he'd let us know, when our payments would start.  

I was able to get back to school on crutches, teaching Science to 8th graders. The 1st of August, September, and October passed; still no word about the monthly payment. My first paycheck for teaching was October 15; the owner called on that day, to say the payment was now due. By God's grace, we were able to make that first payment and those that followed. Hallelujah!

We named our home "The Miracle House;" it was perfect for our new situation. The children at the church loved "Pizza with the Pastor" around the swimming pool. My husband used the lower level for his office. Our home was open for entertaining people from every walk of life. Our guests included the Governor, National Delegates of Congress, church members and others from the Nashville community. Our growing family of six had plenty of room in the miracle house; with an open air atrium in the middle, where it rained and snowed. (As told by Eleanor Graves) Pick up your copy today >>> Eleanor's debut book Dreaming With Your Eyes Wide Open

God is faithful and He still perform miracles, if you only BELIEVE!



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