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Whenever I am staying somewhere near the ocean, I love getting up to watch the sunrise. During one of our visits to Aruba this was so important to me that a good friend began to call me "Sunrise." There is something special about being in the stillness of the twilight, for me. You know that time of the day where the darkness of night turns into the light of a new day.

Watching the sunrise over the water is such a beautiful thing to see and experience. Starting with a darkness which gradually transforms before your very eyes into various shades of light . Finally the source of that light peeks over the horizon of the water, like a bright glowing semi-circle. This is where you must really focus because things began to speed up here; in the blink of an eye that glowing semi-circle becomes a glowing ball. That ball of light which is the sun then begins to rise with a pretty steady and rapid ascent.

The coolest part for me is how time seems to move at a slower pace during sunrise. The total process is less then 30 minutes but the stillness in the air, the ebb and flow of waves, hearing the birds singing, creates a space of awe and wonder for me. A space where I feel closer to God because I know that what is happening is a result of His beautiful creation process.

Whether it was in Aruba, Bahamas, Cancun, Jamaica, California, Florida, Georgia, Carolina Coasts, Gulf Shores, Jersey Shores, or Hawaii just to name a few places. The experience of watching the sunrise is always a time for me to "Be Still and Know" Personally, the experience of watching darkness turn into light reminds me of the saying; "This too shall pass." Regardless of what we may be going through in life each sunrise shows us that our darkness will transform into light.

My main thing in this life is to cultivate my relationship with God. I want this little light of mine to shine bright for the Lord. Meeting him at oceans edge is one of the best ways my light is recharged to do just that! ~OneLove Diane (aka) Sunrise!

Gulf Shores "Sunrise"



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