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Updated: Jun 22

Day 13

We all want the mountain top views but many don't want the climb. The flaw in this concept is, the climb is actually an important part of the experience. A mountain top view can represent being at the top of your game or literally on top of a mountain.

Believe it or not, sometimes to go up you must first take a step back. This is where the real challenge begins because most people don't want to step back. Deciding to pursue a career in nursing over 20 years ago, required that I quit my job in order to become a full-time student. At that time I was married with two children and we had just bought a house. So yeah, I think it's safe to say the timing was less than ideal, to take that climb.

However, for me completing nursing school, would be a professional step up, therefore I took the climb to achieve my degree. However, after graduating from nursing school my initial pay was actually less than what I was making in my last job. Staying focused on the bigger picture, I was able to embrace the step back. Within my first two years in nursing, I was able to leap several levels up both personally and professionally.

An example of a literal mountain top experience, occurred when I took my son hiking. This was definitely one of those ideas that played out better in my head. The hike would be a nice Saturday morning bonding experience. Ha, that hike was a gruesome, intense climb, and descend for a total of 14 miles round trip. The friends we hiked with totally under sold the climb, however my son was taking it in stride. We did make it to the top of that mountain and the views were breath-taking. This would be one of those moments my son and I would laugh about to this very day. Mission accomplished, a deep mother-son bonding experience had taken place, on top of Mt Wilson.

In both above mentioned examples, the climb to the next level was filled with the unexpected. However, the rewards in each situation outweighed the pains of stretching beyond my comfort zone. Most of the time it's easier to stay put in a comfortable and safe place; but that will always keep you wondering about the next level. So, right now, consider your pace and start actively moving, even if the initial move is lateral or a step back. Take the risk, once you start the ball moving keep going and LEVEL UP!

~One Love Diane

Mother/Son Mountain Top Moment



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