Let Me Tell You About Faith

Updated: Sep 27, 2018

So the other day I had a conversation with my big sister regarding wanting to find my niche. She basically told me to let go and let God. I took her advice and let me tell you about faith. Today I got a call from my big big sister, she told me that God had placed it on her heart, to ask me if I was interested in contributing to her website, P2T. She said that my contribution would create the driving force into my own path 2 transformation. I agreed to begin my journey as a passenger and guest writer on P2T. However, with faith and God's guidance,, I'll eventually take the wheel and set the roads ablaze, venturing down my own path. I would like to take you all on my journey as I create my road to success, so, buckle up, sit back and let's hit them streets. ~OneLove (Shurmane)

"In The End We Only REGRET The Chances We Didn't Take." (Unknown)


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