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Updated: Nov 27, 2018

I have often been asked about leadership and management based on my experience. I served in the capacity of leadership and management for over forty years of my professional career; both in the corporate and private sectors.

I would say, I have acquired a fairly decent understanding of what management entails and although leadership is functionally different; together they comprise a functional team like that of the concepts of yin and yang.

Now comes the question, "What does yin and yang have to do with management or leadership? Most people have heard the words, "Yin and Yang" without given it a second thought. Ordinarily people associate these two words with a martial art symbol of some sort. Briefly and metaphorically speaking, yin and yang can be described as the difference between day and night; hot and cold; male(yang) and female (yin), you get the the point. There will always be a little of one in the other; same applies for the roles of leadership and management.

Leadership and people skills are required at all successful levels of management and can be learned in theory by anyone. The point is knowing when and how to best apply those theories. Bear in mind, positions in management are not for everyone.

Being the "Boss" may appear easy, but once in that position things change. You become the one making the tough decisions and now people that you worked with are following your lead. It can be tough hearing them talk about you; and making statements like "You've changed and allowed your new position to go to your head." This is a great time to interject for the most part; you have not changed, your position and responsibilities have changed.

The roles of management and leadership are natural for me; even in situations where there are no assigned leaders, I am often elected to lead. I make it a practice not to ask anyone under my leadership to do something I wouldn't do. This style of leadership was my foundation and has continued to served me in creating effective teams and relationships.

I would say the difference between an excellent lead or manager and someone that may not fit the role is; the application of your respective style of management. My suggestion for an effective managerial experience would be to "LEAD BY EXAMPLE" ~OneLove (Charles)



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