Know Your Assignments...

Day 21

When you don't know where you are going, any road can get you there. The same thing apply to your assignment in life, not knowing it will have you out of your lane. My mom's words are "Diane you must know that you know, that you know, baby." Honestly, I can admitted that I have been unsure of an assignment, a time or two. Thank God, for the internal sensors that alerts us, when we are not where we should be. Unfortunately, many of us don't take heed and find ourselves stuck, doing something that we are not meant to do.

On the contrary, when you are where you supposed to be, doing what you are suppose to be doing, things seem to flow and click. Just to be clear, this does not mean the waters are always smooth. There will be waves and turbulence, but there will also be a peace in the midst of the storm, for you to remain steadfast.

Charles and I have been called to serve on various volunteering assignments. Sometimes, this can lead us off assignment, because of our hearts to serve. We are now aware that just because our assignment may be volunteering, not every volunteering opportunity is our assignment. Getting to a place of knowing this only comes with trial and error. There have been times when we have found ourselves in volunteering situations where things just didn't feel right.

A couple of years ago we decided to volunteer for an outdoor jazz event. From the time we arrived on location things were not aligning. The parking cost was outrageous, the contact person was not on site and no one was there to guide us. We begin to think maybe this is not a good fit. Instead of leaving at the time we found a place to sit and wait for a few. Finally, someone came over and directed us to a volunteer station. We signed up online to be greeters. So, when the person at the check in station began telling us how to take drink orders and run credit cards, we were totally confused.

After asking a few questions, we were informed that all volunteers would rotate between being greeting, taking tickets, and serving customers. The latter, required handling peoples credit cards, and serving drinks, which is not what we signed up to do. Clearly, this was not our assignment, we kindly excused ourselves and left the venue. On the way to the parking structure we found $10 dollars on the ground, this covered the parking fee. We would later find out from the organizer that there was a lot of confusion on site, the rains hit hard, and her wallet was stolen. Once you KNOW that you are not in your assigned lane, change lanes immediately.

Path2transformation will celebrates 5 years online May 1, 2019. Many people tried to push my vision for the site into what they thought was best. Initially, I allowed myself to be swayed, but I now know, that was only making me stronger. One of the most important lessons I have learned since starting the site is, your support will come as long as you stay TRUE to your assignment.

I have been discouraged more than once about how much I poured out in comparison to what I was getting back. This I know, in due season you shall reap what you sow. As I type this post, my cup runs over. Even though I didn't know at the start of the site's journey, my due season would take nearly 5 years. This site is my assignment and this I do know that I know!

Just as your internal sensors alert you that you are off assignment; they also confirm that you are on assignment. Several times along the way I considered taking the site down because I just didn't feel supported. But God... Every single time I came close to shutting it down, someone reached out and encouraged me to keep going. Here's the God Wink, most of the time it was people I didn't even know or that I didn't even talk to regularly. I am so grateful that despite the waves and turbulence on the course, I am still on my assignment.

I encourage you today, to check your lane and make sure that you are, where you are assigned to be. Remember that only you, know that you know that YOU KNOW! ~OneLove Diane



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