It Starts With Me....

Updated: Mar 7, 2019


For every journey there is always a beginning, ending, and repeat the cycle. Once again I am on the journey of transition, you know that slightly uncomfortable place you must go through to get from here to there. The reason it's uncomfortable for me is because in order to fully move to that next place, we must let go of everything.

Letting go of it all is so much easier said than done. Although, I have let go many times in my life each time I do so presents a small sense of anxiety and fear. Granted past experience does allow for some sense of comfort because you know that in most cases transition produces a fresh new reality. However let me be very clear, for me letting go doesn't get easier.

For example each time we have relocated, we left behind the comforts of our home, community, family, and friends. This has been a challlenge because leaving a good and comfortable life to go somewhere new is exciting yet a little scary also. I mean what if the new place only has one Trader Joes (winks)

So with all of that said, I would like to invite you to take a journey with me for the next forty days. During this time I will be doing daily blogs on various topics and I invite you to read and feel free to share your comments. This is the beginning of the journey and day forty will be the end of this particular journey. I am looking forward to what this writing journey will inspire and produce in my life and others. As we all know change starts from within so in order for me to achieve a transformation, it starts with me. ~One Love "Diane"



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