It's Time to Grow...

Updated: Jun 22

Kindness is Always in Season

And GRATITUDE Helps it to GROW!


Life is a cycle of growth, we begin in the womb, and continue the process after birth. There are various growth markers used to measure our progress; cooing to talking, teething to biting, crawling to walking and so on. As we grow from childhood to adulthood, many growth signs are easy to identify. However once we become adults, the signs of growth become more subtle.

Adult growth measurements are often confused and entangled, with the level of ones success. Success is a subjective term, therefore only focusing on outward successes, as a measurement of growth, is inaccurate. Have you ever met a highly successful person that acts like a child?

Point Made! (winks)

We all grow differently; take for example siblings. I am the eldest of three, and although my sisters and I share similarities, we are three totally different women. We are all mothers and grandmothers, with our own unique style, of interacting with our children and grands. However LOVE, is the common fertilizer between us; our parents sprinkled love over each of us.

My two sisters, chose to remain in Michigan to grow; both have made comfortable lives there. However for me, Michigan was just not big enough to contain my roots; I wanted and needed much more. I chose to grow in various locations, around the world. My growth choice, provided the opportunity for my sisters to experience different soils. As a result both of my sisters are finding growth in their own travels.

The three of us now have individual family trees, which directly reflects our unique growth patterns. No matter how you plant it, an apple seed will not grow into an orange. I now realize that although my sisters and I grew from the same womb; we each came into the world, with a specific and unique pattern to grow. This is clearly visible in our lifestyle choices; we all chose success, yet on different paths. Our common growth traits are love, creativity, strength, courage, and wisdom. Our growth traits were prayerfully seeded into each of us, by the wise women whom we call, Mother Deborah. She has always embraced and encouraged us, to grow into our own uniqueness.

Growth is inevitable, I mean every second of every day we are physically growing older. Every single day, we have an opportunity to embrace and learn something new.

Wherever YOU are right now in life; IT'S TIME TO GROW!

~One Love Diane

Mother Deborah Holding Family Tree

One Love For the Creation



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