It's Time...

Day 40

In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps.

Proverbs 16:9

Trying to force time is like rushing, only to forget things and have to double back; which only adds to the delay. I remember when we paid extra to have Charles's passport renewal expedited. The rationale was to stay on schedule for our Paris departure. Little did we know it just wasn't time; speeding up the passport process, was just an expensive lesson. There was nothing we could do without resistance, to get out of California before it was time. However, when it was time to go, things clicked and connected like clockwork.

Because we did not act on the occasional impulses to move before it was time; our leaps and landings, from place to place have all aligned. I remember our first place in Nashville, it was an Airbnb, we were there for 8 months. I can recall wanting to leave several times, however it was not time, confirmed by the resistance experienced with planning the exit. In the 7th month, we found the perfect place, it had all the checks on our list, except a second bathroom. Our exit was smooth and peaceful, we stepped into our new living space right on time. If we would have left our previous living space, even a week before; our current space would not have been available.

When it's time to go, it's time to go. Regardless of how much you want to stay in an experience, once time is up, things change. The change is usually a feeling of being uncomfortable, no matter what you do, things seem to be a little off. The reality is that things are off, you are trying to stay beyond the time. When you are in a place of business and it's closing time, you will notice lights going off, and people cleaning up; finally you will get the famous tap on the shoulder. You know that tap, followed by "Excuse me we are closing." At this point it really doesn't matter whether you want to stay or go, it's time to leave that place.

I don't know about you, but the famous tap was only necessary once for me. I began to notice the signs of closing time and made sure to exit before that tap could happen. There is something about being told it's time to go when you want to linger. Although, the staff have ever right to inform you that they are closing; why is that annoying. I have been told by people that work in various stores and restaurant, they no longer approach people because of the rude and abusive reactions. After hearing this, I had to self reflect; Yep, I have been guilty of frustrated thoughts, when a place closes before I am ready to go.

Last year during Lenten season, I planned to write a devotional book. I started off full of steam and inspiration, around day 10, things began to pull me away from my writing. The pull away were for worthy causes, and my plan was to return to my writing directly after each time. Needless to say by the end of Lenten Season 2018, there was no manuscript. I could say it just wasn't time, however I feel that's an excuse. The discipline required to stay on point and focus on my writing, was just not were it needed to be.

As we approach the end of Lenten Season 2019, I am excited to announce


Today, I will meet with a dear friend and discuss the publishing process. Another dear friend is working on the cover art, and a surprising launch approach is in development. When it is time, things have a way of just flowing into place. This makes me wonder if resistance is put into flow, not to stop us; but to slow us down. Whatever the case, this I know, staying in the moment is not always comfortable, but it will allow you to see the signs of the time. Recognizing the signs of the time, will allow you to be ready to move when; "IT'S TIME"

~OneLove Diane

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