It's Not About You...

Updated: Sep 27, 2018

I realized over ten years ago that I was meant to be an early childhood educator. Filling young minds with new knowledge thrilled me, and I truly felt called to be a teacher. However, over the past year my heart no longer felt fulfilled. I didn't get excited to walk into my classroom anymore, and caring for my preschoolers started to feel monotonous.

I spent most of my adult life teaching in the areas of early childhood education. The thought of no longer teaching was unimaginable, yet I couldn't ignore that something was missing. I felt the Lord calling me to do more, so I prayed everyday for clarity and guidance. My prayers where "Lord, what should I do? What job is best for me? What road should I take?"

Finally the Lord answered by simply saying "It's not about you." Those words echoed over and over in my head, reminding me why I chose to be a teacher in the first place. I became a teacher for the kids. I realized what I was feeling was more about where I was teaching and not my role as a teacher. I started searching for different schools and found a school with a preschool program for low income children. I immediately felt drawn to apply for a position and I was quickly hired.

I've only just begun this journey, but I already feel fulfilled and excited to walk into that building and make a difference in the lives of children. At the end of each day I remind myself that, I am there for the children.... "It's Not About Me"

(DaChardae Roncoli) ~OneLove

I am a teacher.

A teacher is someone who leads.

There is no magic here.

I do not walk on water,

I do not part the sea.

I just love children.

(~Marva Collins)


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