Updated: May 6, 2019

Special thanks to ALL who have doubted, believed, joined, supported, blessed, and prayed for us. Also for those who shared your stories, random acts of kindness, and last but not least read, shared, and subscribed to the journey. We Love and Appreciate YOU!

Paths2transformation was born from a labor of love, to LOVE! The whole process to this point has been a transformation. Recently the number 5 just kept coming up; my niece reminded me that 5 signifies "Grace". Yes, grace is definitely how Paths2transformation was able to grow over the last 5 years. We discovered the path to our growth has been serving others check out:

Serve Where You Are

I dedicate this post to every blogger out there making major moves and changes; I see you and we are heading your way. Most importantly; I dedicate this post to every inspiring blogger just getting started; I see you and I AM HERE FOR YOU!!! Do not allow anyone to define your vision or muffle your voice. Hater's are going to hate; and the support and encouragement will come from unexpected sources. STAND on your vision even if you have to STAND alone; and at times that will be the case! BE ENCOURAGED THAT IF YOU DON'T QUIT YOU WILL WIN!!!

From the very start, I found myself trying to explain my vision, brand my vision, and market the vision; because I was advised to do so. People told me to pause it, laser focus it, etc... Finally, I realized that Paths2transformation was a ministry of Love; "OneLove" to be specific. I didn't have to market it or brand it or define it or blah blah blah it. I just had to write and invite others to be guest writers; sharing journey's, for inspirational purposes. Slowly but surely things began to fall into place. Once I stopped allowing my vision to be defined by others, things began to connect, and the journey took off.

Transformation is the perfect word to describe this journey of mine, yous, and ours. Many have crossed our path to encourage, support, love and yep, even block. The joy of it all is 5 years later, Paths2transformation is still standing strong. For a microsecond, I considered shutting the site down check out Start Again

This I know, true visions and dreams do not die easily, they will push you , disturb your rest and peace until you address or release them. I am grateful that against the odds I chose to follow the path of my vision. Most recently, that path has led to the completion of my first manuscript; stay tune for publication. Excitedly we soar into what's ahead on this continuous path of transformation. Knowing as we continue to serve in Love, we will be positioned to receive, all that is needed to continue this ministry we call Paths2transformation.

~One Love Diane




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