Day 20

Goodbye, is a customary greeting that we use when someone leaves. Over the course of my life, saying goodbye has taken on a finality tone, and I don't like saying it. Instead, I prefer to say "see you later" because that sounds more hopeful and temporary to me.

Thinking back, I believe it was my mom who first told me not to say "goodbye." Even when we end our phone calls, she would say "Okay, talk to you later." My father never said goodbye either, his line was "see you later." My parent's farewell greetings continue to live on in me. Interesting enough I am comfortable with saying bye. Honestly, I cringe when others tell me goodbye, because I just associate the word with not seeing the person again, or with death. Saying goodbye over and over again to my dad when I was a little girl, planted a seed of anxiety that would bloom in my adult life. Check out Associated Feelings

Most recently I said "see you later" to a dear person for the last time. It was about two weeks ago, as I prepared to depart the home of a sick friend, she asked me not to leave yet, so I stayed. My plans were to just drop by for a few minutes, but the visit lasted two hours. I pampered my friend as we talked and laughed. When the time finally came for me to depart, we hugged and talked about my next visit. I think we both actually knew, that would be our last visit. Planning our next visit allowed the visit to end in hope, instead of sorrow. As I walked out of the room, I glanced over to see her face with the most radiant and peaceful smile beaming from it. Rest in peace Stephanie.

My personal and professional life has been filled with travels. As a result, often the time comes when I must depart, this is always an uncomfortable part of the experience for me. I always request that farewell or goodbye parties are not planned because this just makes the situation more intense for me. When my time to move on approaches, I try to spend individualized quality time with people. During that time, I am able to comfortably say thank you for being a friend and see you later.

No matter how you chose to end a conversation or leave the presence of another, be mindful to do so in love. Last encounters are very important, because we never know when our "see you later" is really our "goodbye."

~ One Love Diane

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