Fill Your Cup...

Day 34

We live in a society that promotes self care, yet when you actually stop and take care of yourself; people want to judge you and call you selfish. Have you ever flown on a plane? For those who answered yes, I'm sure you are familiar with the safety announcement. This announcement discuss safety tips in case of an emergency, during the flight. For instance, if cabin pressure drops and oxygen mask are required. Flight Attendants instruct passengers to place the oxygen mask on themselves FIRST, before helping others, who are unable to do so.


I have been guilty of serving others first; to the point that my cup has been, bone dry. I am the oldest child and for as long as I can remember, I was always someones little helper. Right before my 4th birthday, I was promoted to big sister. Shortly after my 17th birthday, I assumed the ultimate role of service; I became a mom. Professionally my roles all evolved around customer service, even as a critical care nurse. Mentoring, coaching leadership, hospitality, coordinator, blah, blah, blah... My point here is, over the course of my life, serving others has always been a major part of my journey.

For a very long time, I believed that if you helped someone, they would help you back. Life has an interesting way of showing you, that is not necessarily the case. Yes, you will definitely reap what you sow, however in most cases the harvest will come from a different source.

I have learned people will "Maxwell House" you, if allowed to. Remember Maxwell House Coffee's tagline: "Good to the last drop" People will absolutely drain you to that last drop if you let them. Your last drop may be good for them, but what about you? For me it took being left dry repeatedly, before I finally said ENOUGH!

I have come to the conclusion, if we are not brewing together and pouring into each others cup; you gets one pour from me. Take notice who pours into your cup when it's low or empty. Those are your PEOPLE, remember that when you are on full.

My cup now runneth over, because I take time for REFILLS. Also I surround myself with cups bigger than mine, willing to pour into me. My pour has become intentional, there are many cups that I am assigned to fill. Starting with ME, onto my husband, children, grandchildren, etc...

Set a low mark indicator and listen to your PEOPLE when they say; "STOP" and "REFILL" your cup. Remember, you can't pour from an empty cup!

~One Love Diane



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