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Updated: May 6, 2019

How many times have you made a decision that terrified you? I am not talking about something that made you nervous, I mean a decision that really scared you. There's a saying that goes; If your dreams don't scare you, they are not big enough. This makes me think that big decisions; life changing decisions are suppose to scare you.

One of the scariest decisions I have ever made was moving to Atlanta, Georgia with two kids, at the time I was recently divorced, I didn't know anyone in Atlanta. In an effort to allow my children the opportunities I didn't have; I chose to raise them outside of Michigan. Since Atlanta, Georgia was close enough to Michigan to drive in a day; I decided we'd live there. The plan was perfect in my head however once we arrived things kinda went to the left. As things began to unravel and I questioned myself on the decision to move there. With two little ones counting on me to make it work, I had no time to waddle in regret. I trusted God had us, continued to move forward, and things began to fall into place, even better than the original plan. The tough decision to move to Georgia was life changing and set the tone, for many decisions to follow.

Over the past few years, I have watched in amazement as my children, have made some really tough decisions. My daughter was faced with a huge life changing decision, read "Messenger of Love"

I witnessed my son walk away from a job because of the travel; he chose family over money.

Most recently someone close to me, chose self development over a twenty year position. I am recharged and inspired watching my love ones making the tough choices. I know that making the hard decisions is like taking the road less traveled. I also know that the tough decision only opens the way for many many more tough choices.

I would like to encourage anyone reading this; our difficult choices are conduits for life changing experiences. It's important to remember that once you make a life changing decision; you will often face challenges immediately after. Expect the challenges, and although we can't prepare for what we don't know is coming; we can trust God.

When Charles and I embarked on our current journey: it required us to leave our family, (grand kids), friends, and community, that was not an easy choice. I literally prayed for another way to fulfill God's purpose; that didn't require us leaving California. There are no words to explain the pain we felt leaving our grand kids and not knowing when or if we would ever see them again.

There is a saying that I keep close to my heart; "To whom MUCH is given MUCH is required"

The rewards of life changing decisions are amazing; usually beyond anything you could imagine. Just know in order to reap the rewards, you must be willing to sacrifice; growth begins one step outside of your comfort zone. The next time you are at a crossroad to decide; choose that which scares you the most.

~One Love Diane



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