Celebrate You...

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

Day 7

Celebrations are normally reserved for special occasions such as anniversaries, promotions, pregnancies, holidays, etc... Most people are able to celebrate with and for others without much thought. So, why is it so challenging to Celebrate You? Personally, I think it's because we are so caught up with what others will say or think about it.

Recently we were at a friend's house when another friend came in singing full of joy and cheer. He was singing "Happy Birthday to "ME" (pointing to his chest), of course everyone joined in and it was really cool. What this guy did was fantastic, he came in celebrating himself and got everyone else to join him.

I absolutely LOVE celebrating my birthday. My favorite celebrations includes; birthday cake, small intimate gatherings, traveling to beautiful beach destinations and enjoying live music. Creating wonderful birthday memories and experiences is the greatest way I chose to celebrate myself.

Being the oldest child has ingrained the practices of celebrating others before me. Celebrating "Me" has always been a challenge until most recently. Over the past few years the tables have turned and I have started to celebrate myself more. I am also learning to embrace the times when others celebrate me and it's not even my birthday. Being the focus of a celebration can be a humbling and beautiful experience.

Once you embrace the beauty of Celebrating YOU, life has a marvelous way of opening up for you.

I love to celebrate at the ocean, that is truly my happy place. May you be encouraged to find your happy place and once you do remember to Celebrate YOU. ~OneLove Diane

Best Birthday Cake Ever



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