Catching Your Balance...

Day 37

Have you ever been walking and out of nowhere, you trip? Right before you fall, you catch your balance. You look around to see what might have caused you to trip; sometimes there is nothing to see. Catching our balance can save us from falling and possibly injuring ourselves.

Many times in life we find ourselves juggling way too much stuff at the same time. I don't know about you, but at one point in my life; I acted as if there was a "S" on my chest and a cape on my back. Yep, you guessed it, I thought I was Superwoman, running around at times like a chicken with my head cut off. But hey, guess what? I still got it done.

I am what some would call a natural born leader, which is good and bad. Given a situation where things are out of order, my first response is to find a way to restore order. That's great, unless it's not, see some things are out of order to create a new order. Did you catch that?

So in other words, me restoring the order is actually not resolving things. This revelation has allowed my to release the need to "fix things."

I must admit it was challenging initially, not jumping in and participating on various board/committees; especially the ones I felt were great causes. I really learned how to stop spreading me so thin, after simultaneously being on three demanding committees. When my mission was accomplished, I didn't hang up my cape; I burned that bad baby. I am so grateful for my husband; he lovely encouraged me to take a week to self. I turned off my phone, read great books, listened to good music, ate yummy food, drunk wine and wore pajama's and sweats.

It's always important to remember that balance is in the middle; not to far left or right.

The stress and pressure of piling way too much on my plate caused me to trip. Thank God for wisdom and wonderful people in my life, that helped me to catch my balance.

~One Love Diane




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