Can You Hear Me Now?

Lois Transformation Story

The Lois I knew 10 years ago is completely unrecognizable to the Lois that I know now. Old Lois: a shy girl with two pig tails, glasses, a scratch and sniff tee-shirt, and an immense fear to speak publicly.

I was bullied for being different, so I decided to pull back and try to achieve the elementary childhood dream of fitting in. I started wearing jeans, a tee shirt, sneakers, and acting like a girly girl which was so boring. I always wanted to stand out and be special. Being bullied when I was younger held me back from being the new Lois: a confident, outgoing, and driven singer/songwriter with pink boots on her feet.

Finally, my mom told me that I needed to overcome the fear of public speaking. Knowing my gift for music and singing, my mom made me perform in front of friends and family hoping this would open the door to my authentic self. My mom didn’t believe that God put me on this earth to hide my singing talent.

My real transformation began when I started doing theartre. I spent four years of my life in theatre which really helped to build my confidence. I made new outgoing friends that shared my passion for performing and acceptance of all people

My solo music career was influenced by my experiences from my theatre days. After the release of my first album "Sunshine Boulevard", my music career begin to soar. I was performing every weekend, appearing on TV, and radio, and promoting my album like no other. I was so happy that I found my niche in this crazy life.

I recently released my new acoustic album entitled “People I Knew” on May 11, 2018. I was so excited about my cd release performance which was my best and biggest show to date. My friend and fellow singer, Natalie Stark opened for me. This was such an awesome joint experience because it allowed her to promote her recently release album.

I was well supported by a packed house for my sophomore cd release performance at The SoZo Coffeehouse. During the performance I was able to display my new line of merchandise click>>> to check it out. I am forever grateful for the support and faith that my family and friends continues to have in me.

I am a proud and determined 2018 high school graduate, looking forward to continuing my musical endeavors at Belmont University in Tennessee. I am- a confident, outgoing, and driven singer/songwriter with pink boots on my feet, and two music cd's released.

OneLove ~ (Lois Zozobrado)

Self -Confidence Is

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