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Norma Elizabeth

Hi, my name is Norma Elizabeth. I am thirty-six years old, I love love, I love people, and I love Jesus. I am a single mother to a beautiful twelve year-old young lady. I am a dreamer and a doer! There is a time to rest and let God show you His grace through providing all of your needs, and then there is a time to use your God given gifts and take action.

A little over three years ago my life took a crazy sudden shift...I felt it was time to quit my sixteen year career with In-N-Out Burger. I had a great salary, benefits, retirement, and health insurance for my daughter and I. The position offered comfort and security, however I kept feeling it was time to go, which made no logical sense.

Initially, I thought my next move was to work full-time, fighting against human trafficking. But nope.  I could not find a job with any human trafficking organizations.  God had other plans for my life. After leaving my job in obedience to God calling me out of my comfort zone, my life went into a turbulent space. Suddenly things were being stripped from my life. I lost my truck, broke my phone, found out my dad had cancer (then soon after he passed away). In the midst of this storm, we had to abruptly move out of our home with nowhere else to go.

I chose to trust God - through all the tears, frustrations and disappointments.  I knew above all, God wanted my trust.  Quite honestly, I had no other choice that would give me peace, God became my ALL and ALL. In the moments of stillness God whispered, “Allow me to heal your heart.” I had carried so much pain and brokenness in my heart.  At a time when my life was in total chaos, I said YES and surrendered my heart to God. He healed and restored my heart so I could step into who I was created to be. As I allowed The Lord to work, during that seemingly barren season, so many dreams and passions deep inside of me were awakened. Out from this place of dreaming bloomed "Flowers by Normie" (Pun intended lol.)

Although, I still did not have a full-time job, my gifts were making room for me.  I now saw that I had something of value to offer!  This was my inspiration to start my floral design business! Now, three years later, I have my own floral design and full service wedding and event planning business.  I absolutely love being able to create beautiful flower arrangements and plan amazing events for others.  Flowers by Normie, is not just about the flowers, it's also about the people. I make it a point to pray over each person and event.

All of my challenges during that time, after I stepped out of my comfort, allowed me to become the woman God intended me to be.  Today I am grateful for my own home and a brand new Jeep Wrangler. Only God could get the glory for these blessings!   I know that this is only the beginning! It is the preparation for all the MORE that is to come! MORE DREAMS becoming reality as I continue to abide in Him. If what your Father is saying does not seem to make sense or fit into your plans or ideas of what is next, remember:

‘For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,’ declares the LORD. ‘As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.’” (Isaiah 55:8-9)

I encourage you, please stay in Christ. If you are being stripped from all that seems important, remember - YOU STILL HAVE CHRIST. HE IS ALL YOU NEED! He must remove what is not of Himself to give you His best. Trust God. Be still. Give Him permission to heal your heart. Be brave. Take that step He is showing you, He will do the rest, and you will be filled with awe and wonder. He is good. Always. Good. ~One Love (Normie)

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Great things, never came from the comfort zone! (Unknown)


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