Be Kind...

Day 39

This caption was on the Saturday before Mother's Day 2015.

We were at Pomona Medical Center for clinical and my student brought me doughnuts.

Kindness is timeless

Love is so easy to give

It just takes a moment

To show somebody that you care

(Sergio Mendes ~ Timeless)

Kindness should be given freely and liberally, starting with yourself! People have many reasons why they feel our current society is so dark, cold, and unattached. For instance; social media, increased working hours, unemployment, homelessness, the list goes on and on. Whatever the root of the problem may be, kindness is a great way to initiate a solution.

A few years ago, I was sitting by the ocean after my morning walk with a cup of coffee. Out of no where a head popped up from under a nearby pier, it was a homeless guy. He looked up and smiled and said "Good Morning." Gaining my composure, I repeated the morning greetings to him. Apologizing for startling me, this guy grinned and I noticed he was actually an attractive young man; probably the same age as my son. I asked if he wanted a cup of coffee, to which he replied "Heck yeah," followed by "I like it black, no sugar, no cream." Chuckling, I went into the hotel to get this surfer dude, quoting Heavy D, a cup of coffee. As I handed him the coffee, his genuine smile and thank you, touched my heart. I resumed my walk and thought about how a simple act of kindness, can change lives. In this case both of us received joy from the interaction.

Sometimes, your kindness will not be received and that's okay, carry on and try with someone else. Charles and I were out walking and noticed a homeless guy laying on the grass. The weather was chilly and Charles suggested we grab the blanket out of the car and offer it to the man. Carefully, approaching Charles asked the man if he would like the blanket. The man's answer was way beyond no and contained a few explicit words to make his point. We walked away carrying the blanket and smiling, refusing to allow his dark to invade or steal our light.

You never know the internal battles an individual is facing, so don't take it personal. There is a wonderful book by Don Miguel Ruiz, entitled The Four Agreements. I have read the book several times and highly recommend it.

Back in November of 2018, Paths2transformation initiated a year end "Random Acts of Kindness Campaign" it was amazing. The timeline was Nov 1st - Dec 31, we invited people to donate $25 gift cards and the response was awesome. We had several people to donate 2-4 gift cards, and we even received a $100 Crates and Barrels gift card; which we gave away on Christmas Day. The coolest part of the campaign was hearing others creating their own version of, random acts of kindness.

Kindness is timeless, it starts with one simple act and catches on from there. Try it, I Dare You!!!

~One Love Diane



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