Anxious For Nothing...

Day 12

Anxiety is real and we have all experienced it in one way or another. Although it's often associated with worry, anxiety can also come from excitement. For instance, when I am expecting out of town guests, I am excited and anxious (eager). However, when my daughter was a teenager, I looked in on her one night and found that she had left the house. I immediately became anxious (worried and nervous). Both are examples of anxiety, for me only one led to a panic attack and that of course was the second example.

I simply believe anxiety is a part of life, that's why we were instructed in the bible to "Be Anxious For Nothing..." Also the pharmaceutical companies sales for anti-anxiety medications are soaring. These medications are being prescribed at alarming rates every single day.

When I am anxious, I find walking to be my go to release. For me walking allows a space to refocus my attention and most importantly adjust my breathing which in turn calms my thoughts. Also, walking releases endorphins that positively improve your mood. Why not combat anxiety with a dose of happy? Check out Walk, Live, Love

There is not a cookie cutter, one size fits all approach on how anxiety should be treated. Truly I believe it's an individual call, if walking, exercising, painting, rock climbing, tai chi, etc.... works than do that. If you need therapy, a prescription, or both, by all means do that; just remember to be responsible when taking prescribed medications. The goal here is to effectively meet and treat your anxiety Let's face it, no one is immune to a knock from anxiety, the key is calmly escorting it away.

~OneLove Diane

Anxious For Nothing in Aruba



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