Angels Watching...

Day 29

One of my favorite topics of discussion is on Angels. I am simply amazed and intrigued by other peoples accounts, perceptions and beliefs as to whether or not Angels are real. Many people believe when a relative dies, they become their angel. While others believe the same to be true about their pets. Since I am not an angel expert, I just listen in awe and at times in amusement; staying mindful not to judge.

Personally, I believe in angelic encounters because I've experienced them too many times, not to believe it. Angels are mentioned in the Bible from the beginning to the end. The bible is a great source of knowledge concerning angels, check out Psalm 91:11, Matthew 18:10 and Acts 12:15, for starters. Some of my most intriguing angel shares, are between me and my sister Trina. We have both experienced some pretty intense angel encounters and it's such a blessing to be able to freely discuss them with each other.

I am also a firm believer that God can and does use ordinary people for angel assignments. During my critical care nursing years, I was often referred to by patients and family members, as an angel. My initial reaction was, "oh no, I am just a nurse, doing my job." After a while, I just began to smile and say "to God by the Glory." Knowing that God had used me for an angel assignment; unbeknownst to me. I was also blessed, by knowing that lives were being touched, in such a special way.

During our first month after the big leap into our current journey, many things shifted from the original plans. The shifting left us in a state of regrouping right off the bat. This state can be somewhat frightening, especially right after a major leap of faith. We were staying at the Marriott Hotel at the time, which can be a costly place to regroup; but God showed us favor and provided the resources to handle the cost.

Our touched by an angel moment, came when a friend allowed us to stay in her home; while she was out of town. The timing of the invitation came in direct response of our prayers for another place to regroup . The location of her home was also a God wink, because it was close to the ocean. We could actually open the patio door and get an ocean breeze. This space was indeed an answer to our immediate prayer. The final confirmation came in the form of a huge angel painting, mounted on the living room wall. Prior to leaving our friends home, we snapped a picture of the painting; to remind us that angels are indeed watching over us on this journey.

Thank YOU friend, for accepting your assignment!

In times of seen and unseen dangers, I am convinced that angels are watching over me. I can not tell you how many times I have been driving and experienced near misses. After those close calls, I always pause to thank God, for sending protecting angels.

Several years ago, I was attacked and robbed going to my car, heading to work. I will never forget how my attacker just halted the assault out of nowhere. His gaze was fixed on something above and behind me. He slowly walked away from me and then proceeded to run, while looking over his shoulder in my direction. I knew based on my attacker's reactions and immediate retreat; he must have seen my guardian angel. Even though, all I saw above me was the morning sky.

Again, I say YES, I know there is are angels watching over me, because I am constantly reminded of their presence, in seen and unseen circumstances.

~OneLove Diane



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