Day 33

Aligning is agreeing or surrendering to God's plan, even when don't understand fully. When we are in alignment with God, things seem to naturally flow. One of the biggest misconceptions about realignment is that it's a one time deal. This is simply not the case, you can and will fall out of alignment many times over the course of your life.

We purchased a lifetime alignment warranty on our car. Which means, we can take our car to Firestone for re-alignments, over the life of the car, at no additional cost. After having our car aligned if on the ride home we hit a bump or large pot hole, the car can be knocked out of alignment, before we even get home.

The key to alignment is knowing when you are in or out of it. We all have unique indicators, concerning our alignment. For example, things don't seem to flow or line up; it's almost like you wake up crooked. Everything is a challenge, many times we say "today is not going to be a good day." Remember, the power of the tongue, the day usually goes down from that point, because that's our expressed expectation.

Personally when I feel things are out of alignment, I pause and pray. My prayers will often reveal the cause of why I am feeling out of alignment. At which time, I need to make the adjustments. Sometimes, when I rush my prayers, I have to intentional take the time to be still for a moment. In our busy schedules we often convince ourselves, there is no time to pause. Given the choice of having a day out of alignment or taking time to pause for re-alignment, the choice to pause is simple.

Sometimes in life the simple choices are missed or ignored, because we have a tendency of making things more involved then they really are. For example, weather you wake up out of alignment or walk out of alignment as the day progress; your immediate actions once you're aware, will directly determine the outcome of the day.

If you stop, pray and be still for a moment, take some deep breathes, invite peace, clarity and flow back into your day; that's a great start. There are times when you will feel an immediate re-set and than there are times where you have to walk into your re-set. Either way you are moving forward in flow, which is better than telling and making yourself have a bad day.

Okay, just so we are clear, everyday will not be be happy go lucky, there will be days that are tougher to navigate than others. That's call life! Truth be told, our journey's are full of bumps and pot-holes that will knock us out of alignment. The question is this; do we continue to stay out of alignment ?

While driving my car I have noticed a slight pull to the left or right, and I start thinking maybe the alignment is off. Ignoring the thought, I would continue to drive car as usual. Eventually the pull worsens and the steering wheel began to vibrate. Now, I can no longer ignore the problem and take the car to the shop. Waiting on the diagnostic results, I pray it's not more then a simple

re-alignment. In hindsight, I think about how I should have brought the car in sooner, like once I noticed the deviation from alignment. Hey, that's water under the bridge now. I can't go back for a do over, however, I can take that life lesson forward, and choose differently moving into the future.

When we are truly aligning ourselves with God, in total surrender. Remember that we have lifetime re-alignment coverage; it just up to us to stop and get serviced.

~One Love Diane



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