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Updated: Sep 13, 2018


Charles and I, were never big on being house guest during our travels, staying in nice hotels or timeshares, always worked best for our needs. The concept of traveling and being guests in the homes of strangers was definitely not at the top of our to-do list. However, prior to the start of our current journey we began to explore airbnb at the recommendation of a good friend.

During the time we were exploring airbnb, TED Talks were a part of our daily schedule. We watched this TED talk about airbnb >>> CLick Here The TED talk was published December 2016 the same time frame we turned in the keys to our place and started this amazing adventure. I believe this was a "God-Wink".

Seven months into the journey, we checked into our first airbnb, in Henderson, NV. The home was inviting and Sherry/Savana our hosts made us feel right at home. However, I must admit that the first night there, I locked my bedroom door and placed a chair in front of it. The next morning during coffee on the veranda Sherry and I discovered we had both locked our bedroom doors. After a good laugh, Sherry proceeded to give me priceless insider tips on things to consider for booking and staying in airbnb's. Sherry/Savana hosted our journey for three days, one of the highlights during our stay, was an evening walk with Sherry.

Our second airbnb was in Arizona, we booked our stay for 7 days however we actually stayed much longer. Lori's place was quaint and centrally located we all connected instantly. Lori was a great host and source for places to eat and things to do. Our relationship with Lori extended to her family and by week two Charles and I were hanging out with her parents (Alice/Charlie). Our time with Lori was filled with many fun adventures, conversations, and we even went to church together. The highlight by far was the intimate surprise birthday party Alice/Charlies hosted for Charles' 73rd Birthday.

Albuquerque, New Mexico would be our third airbnb check in and what an amazing experience it was. This would be our first time staying with a couple and from the start we all clicked like old friends. Our seven day stay was filled with amazing conversations, laughter, hanging at the Farmers Market and coffee shops. One of the highlights was binge watching "House of Cards", with Ryan and Nao, it was so fun watching Ryan's reactions to the show. By the time we left New Mexico, Ryan and Nao were like family.

Charles and I remain in contact with Sherry, Lori, Ryan and Nao to this day. Our experiences with airbnb has allowed us to view travelling in a whole new light. We are now comfortable with choosing to stay in an airbnb over a hotel.

Upon our arrival to Nashville TN Charles and I found an airbnb to accommodate our short term plans however little did we know our stay there would be 8 months. We appreciate the southern hospitality offered by our host Patricia. Needless to say after that 8 month stay we took a little break from airbnb and found a more permanent place to stay here in Nashville.

During our most recent California visit, we were hosted by an amazing couple, Shirley and Jim. The location of the airbnb was perfect less then two miles away from our grandchildren, in Simi Valley. Our experience at Shirley and Jim's home was 5 star, Shirley was an excellent cook and fresh baked goods welcome us each morning. The highlight of our stay was sitting out at the fire pit in the back yard, we enjoyed wine and great conversation. One again our airbnb experience allowed us to connect with great people.

Our summer travels allowed for Charles and I to stay in a couple of really cool airbnb's. Shout outs to our amazing host Elizabeth in Atlanta, GA and Edward in Charleston, SC. Currently I am looking forward to staying in Hollywood Beach, FL in an airbnb right on the beach.

There are many ways to check the validity of an airbnb listing. First and foremost by reading the reviews. I would caution you to stay clear of listings that have no reviews because you are not really sure what you will get. I would also recommend booking with "Super Host."

Airbnb has stepped up their game and now offer airbnb plus which are properties with high end extras and awesome amenities. So fellow travel enthusiast, check out airbnb for your next adventure, do the due diligence in your selections and thank me later. ~OneLove DIANE/CHARLES

Charleston SC (Photo Creds ~ Cathleen Dean)

"Better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times" ~Unknown


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