A Walk of Faith...

Updated: Sep 27, 2018

Our faith walk is a reflection of how we make decisions. For instance, I remember all of the decision I made before my high school graduation. I was an average student making mostly A's and B's with occasional C's. However, standardized tests always presented a challenge for me which led to pretty low test scores. I would later discover that my poor testing performance was triggered by anxiety.

I refused to be defined by standardized test scores and decided to search for colleges with a strong drama program. I had auditioned at one of the most prestigious drama schools, but my nerves got the best of me, and I cracked under pressure.

I hadn’t concentrated much on going to a 4-year institution but once I didn't get into drama school, I started applying to several 4 year colleges. I was rejected by all of them and was discouraged beyond belief.

The experience of rejection and hearing the angst from my parents, led me to asking God what to do. Although I knew to pray, I had somehow not specifically asked God about my next chapter after high school. I was the epitome of Journey’s opening line to “Don’t Stop Believing.” I was this small-town girl, feeling like I was in a lonely world. I felt downtrodden—like the whole world was against me. After I had gotten over myself, I cried before the Lord and asked Him where I should be going?

I came across a pamphlet for a school, in my college-tour bag, just weeks before graduation. This college hadn’t yet garnered a cultural or academic reputation. I read the pamphlet and put it back in the bag. “There is no way, I’m going to a school that no one knows about,” I mumbled.” I told my mom about it, and she flat out told me that I had nothing to lose. That was not the response I wanted to hear but she was right since I didn’t have any definite plans.

I prayed and asked God for direction and days later I received an “apply now” post card in the mail from that very school. I took that as my confirmation, and completed the application process.

I received my acceptance letter from that college, a week before my high school graduation. I was so happy that I didn’t allow myself to get in the way of where God was taking me.

My junior year in college is when I decided to switch my major from theatre to communications. The decision to switch majors resulted from following the influential voices of my family. I kept hearing that acting wasn’t lucrative, and I’d be struggling. Little did they know; the struggle was going to come regardless.

I knew that I had a writing talent, and I loved interviewing people. With this in mind, I decided to go for it and become a campus reporter. I began to thrive as a reporter in ways beyond anything I'd imagined. I loved being able to bring people's stories to life through my writing. God was building my character, while opening up endless possibilities for me.

One of my college mentors asked me about transferring to a journalism school. I hadn’t thought about transferring, but a seed was planted that day. I immediately took the decision to God first, I would not pursue journalism school without knowing that was my path. My confirmation from God came in the form of a message from a friend. Feeling confident to move forward, I started looking into journalism schools.

My search was targeted at the top journalism schools in the United States. I was surprised to find out, there was a top school in Florida. As a matter of fact, it was considered the “ivy league of the south.” Immediately, negative thoughts came to mind, like “I would never get in, I don’t test well and this school is for the smarty arties.” I was coming up with every excuse not to apply. However, instead of following my thoughts of self sabotage, I stood on God's YES and applied.

I was not only accepted into the school, I also received several offers for scholarships. I still recall the celebratory tears that streamed down my face, with this news. My greatest joy was that my faith had been elevated to another level. Just remember on your faith walk; God is going to always send you where only HE can qualify you!

Journalism school was not easy, but it showed me that I could overcome anything. I went from a girl who was rejected from several colleges to graduating from one of the top journalism universities in the United States. Although I was unsure of what my next chapter would be, I knew that as long as I stayed connect to God - My faith walk would take me exactly where I needed to be. ~One Love (Maya)

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