Day 38

People's reactions to the journey Charles and I are on, ranges from; that's awesome, to you guys are nuts. Boy, am I grateful we are not influenced by the opinions of others. If that was the cases we would probably still be sitting on the edge, swinging our feet. Even worst, standing on the edge with one foot grounded and the other stretched out for the leap.

Charles and I are both rationally minded people, although I'm slightly more adventurous. Prior to taking our leap in December of 2015, we prepared two years in advance. First of all we had to come to PEACE with even moving forward. I mean walking away from life as we knew it, didn't make any sense to us. Oh and did I mention the thought was quite scary, check out

Fear is a Part of the Journey.

The process of coming to terms with taking the leap was different for each of us. I met weekly for an entire year, with a professional coaching mentor. (Thanks D) Charles meditated, did lots of tai chi, and constructed several flow charts. Eventually, we came to the point of our individualized peace, which allowed us to reach a collective peace. Important to note here, when you are leaping as a pair, both parties must be all in; otherwise the leap will never happen or be unsuccessful.

I guess it's safe to say, the first year of preparation was mainly finding peace within; for the impending leap. The second year we activated our exit strategy, executing the plan with quarterly goals. One of our greatest mistakes during this period was over sharing the plan. In our excitement and confidence to move forward we shared the plans with many people. BIG MISTAKE! Their responses and reactions were totally unexpected; especially from our inner circle. We were shocked however lessons learned.

Everybody will not be happy or excited for your leap, those closest will actually try to talk you away from the edge. This is done mostly, in love but not understanding. I mean really, if you don't really understand the why, how can others? The pain is real losing people from your inner circle, but onward and upward. Another important thing to note, your leap will cause people to detach from you. If you consider the process as making you light for the flight, it will help you to manage your emotions.

Finally the time had come for the last few steps before the leap. One of our friends showed up with breakfast at 6AM, our last morning in the apartment. THAT WAS HUGE! Although it was an emotional send off, we were reassured that many awesome people were cheering for us.

One- Two- (You ready C?) - Three ~ LEAP!!!

That leap occurred nearly 3 1/2 years ago. We have leaped and landed several times, since. Taking the actually leap is still a little unnerving; but landings are getting better and better. From the perspective of a leaping couple we leave you with this; pray, plan, align, close your eyes... LEAP! Land well!

~One Love Diane



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