Many are called but only a select few will walk away from the known into the unknown.   The day Charles and Diane walked away from a comfortable life into the unknown, was the start of  an incredible journey.


Family members and friends thought, Diane and Charles had lost their marbles for walking away from everything and following their call to serve.  However as many of these same family members and friends witnessed Diane and Charles' journey, they  were inspired. 

Diane and Charles never imagined the awesome destinations and encounters; that the journey had in store for them.


Their incredible  journey would soon transform into a "Go Where I Send You Ministry"  which has taken Diane and Charles across the United States.   Diane and Charles  tagline is #OneLove;  and it's applied by spreading love in action, as they serve humanity.  This has opened many doors and opportunities for them to volunteer, mentor, and share their light to advocate love and kindness wherever they go.  Diane and Charles are world changers and ambassadors of  one love in action. 

Check out Serve Where You Are

Diane and Charles are on a quest to change the world one journey at a  time and they invite YOU to join them.


Welcome to The Path


Diane and Charles




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